Brian Decker’s 50 Best Cities to Invest in an Airbnb Property

Brian Decker’s 50 Best Cities to Invest in an Airbnb Property

Senior Loan Officer
Brian Decker
Published on August 5, 2022

Brian Decker’s 50 Best Cities to Invest in an Airbnb Property

What started as a small tech startup, Airbnb has become a billion-dollar, international company that has changed the way people travel and make money. Vacationers have embraced the concept of renting out a room or an entire home for their trips instead of opting for the traditional hotel setting. With the demand for Airbnb rentals increasing, this has opened the door for hosts to bring in some additional income to their households and property investors to make a substantial profit from their investment properties.

With Airbnb rentals becoming lucrative investment opportunities, this has opened up the door for property investors of all types and as one of the few mortgage brokers that offers financing options specifically for short-term rental properties, I decided to find out what cities offer the best profit opportunities for investors. Sorting through AirDNA’s analytics database for short-term rentals, I was able to determine the best cities in America to invest in an Airbnb property.

Below are the 50 best cities to buy an Airbnb rental. Rankings are based on 3 factors: Annual Profit, Avg. Daily Rate, and Occupancy Rate.

Aside from only factoring in the most profit that investors can gain from their Airbnb rentals, I also looked further into the cities where vacationers can get the most value for their Airbnb rentals. Things I took into consideration to determine the best cities are: Average Daily Rate to rent an Airbnb, the Percentage of Superhosts located within the city, and the Average Rating Scores that hosts in the city receive from their renters. Airbnb Superhosts are hosts that have received recognition from their guests for their attentiveness, amenities, and overall experience at the property.

To give more perspective, I also looked at the cities that had the worst value for Airbnb rentals. This insight gives investors a better idea of which cities provide the best investment properties. By knowing if on average competitors are or are not delivering good experiences to renters, investors can better strategize for their investment.

Factors taken into consideration for this research were based on short-term rental analytics from AirDNA. I looked at statistics such as Average Daily Rates, Average Monthly Occupancy Rates, Median Home Prices, Estimated Monthly Mortage Payments, and Estimated Monthly Operating Costs. The average annual profit is based on the potential annual amount an investor makes after paying for mortgage payment expenses. Only cities with populations of 150k or more were used for this research.

There is a lot of potential to generate wealth through Airbnb and short-term rental investing. I own Airbnb rentals throughout the country and have learned how to maximize profits through my experiences.

To learn more about how to get started with investing in Airbnb property, download my FREE guide today!



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