Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Alex Anderson -   -  

Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson -   -  

I grew up a Navy brat. Went to 8 different schools before I graduated. Before moving to Nashville in 2008, my longest stint was in Lexington, Kentucky, where I lived for 12 years. Since then, Nashville has become my forever home. My husband, TJ, and I live in Nolensville with our daughter, Arabella, our goldendoodle, Lucy, and our ragdoll cat, Shera.

My husband and I share a passion for the real estate industry as well as our love for Preds hockey. We enjoy weekend getaways at the beach, swimming in our pool, practicing on our putting green, and counting mulligans at Nashville Golf and Athletic Club.

I've been in sales and marketing for 25 years, but it wasn't until I entered the mortgage business in 2015 that I found my true calling. Finally, a career path where I could combine my type A drive with my OCD and attention to detail! I specialize in providing my clients with the product education needed to make an informed decision on their home mortgage. I want my clients to feel confident and at ease during the loan process when purchasing or refinancing a home.

Whether it's your first home, or 5th refinance, I'm here to provide the same exceptional level of knowledge and expertise from start to finish. I'd love to connect!

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