Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Chad Anderson - Partner | VP of Lending - NMLS #372289

Chad Anderson

Partner | VP of Lending
Chad Anderson - Partner | VP of Lending - NMLS #372289

I am an uber-competitive individual with a gorgeous wife and three young boys. I love dogs as much as people. My passions are the University of Alabama, Chicago Cubs and golf. I grew up a sports nut while playing baseball, basketball and golf. My family and I enjoy traveling, sports and getting outside as much as possible. I continue to fill a sports dream by shooting in the 80s at The Governor's Club and acting like it's the US Open every time I tee it up.

I am a Partner for Modern Lending in the Southeast Region. My daily goal is to educate mortgage professionals on how to take the products and platform at Modern Lending and expand their business through problem solving, marketing, business development and creative consulting. Our goal is always to dominate the competition. People ask me "what's enough" or "why aren't you happy." We not only want to win but we want to win in such a way that second place looks at our position in the market as unattainable. We also want to accomplish this while creating an unmatched culture and workplace where people are excited about spending part of their day.

Previously, our teams grew over the course of eight years from producing $46 million per year to helping over 4,500 families in 2021 and $1.15 billion in loans for homeowners.

I believe that every individual who wants to succeed to elite levels and has the right work ambition should be given the opportunity to achieve greatness. I see many situations where managers are not true leaders and cannot help elevate a person's business. I believe education, perfecting someone's industry craft, sales ability and relationship building are all key to developing a top level professional in today's market.

I also have a passion in educating society on life financial fundamentals due to the system's failure in properly teaching individuals about the basics. You're never taught how to invest, how to file taxes, how a mortgage works, how to buy a house, how to utilize life insurance or how to set yourself up for future retirement. Think about that. Schools don't teach you these topics. But they make sure you know how to use the quadratic equation! I want to help people understand facts so they can make an educated, adult decision.

I love meeting with other professionals so please reach out if you would like to connect!

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