Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Mark Rood - Partner | VP of Lending -  

Mark Rood

Partner | VP of Lending
Mark Rood - Partner | VP of Lending -  

Born & raised in Florida, Mark grew up in a large, competitive family. He was highly involved in sports, playing collegiate division 1 baseball at Stetson University. It was here where his sence of competition, discipline, & time management skills were learned & perfected. Mark graduated Stetson with a degree in Marketing.

Today, Mark & his wife, Melissa, have laid down roots in Brentwood, TN where they have 2 dogs. A beagle-mix named Lilly & a basset hound named Paul (a tribute to Bear Bryant. The legendary coach of Mark's favorite football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide). Mark & Melissa are heavily involved in the community & love to travel. Lissa (as Mark calls her) has a love for cooking, entertaining, & giving back to others & the community. If Mark is not helping others inside & outside the mortgage industry or traveling with Lissa, he can be found on a golf course. Golf became a love & main sport/hobby when his baseball days came to an end.

Mark has a very strong desire to help the community & help others grow; which were major factors when he decided to get into the mortgage industry. Mark found very quickly that helping others & teaching them how to grow wealth through homeownership would be a niche that almost felt carved out for him. Progressing very quickly in the mortgage industry, Mark has been in the top 1% of mortgage professionals in the country for many years throughout his carrer. The secret to his success is the customer care, teaching, & his love for people. He truly belives that with those as a base & core, anything is possible.

When it comes down to it, Mark loves mortgages & the mortgage community. He didn't get the nickname "Mark Rood the Mortgage Dude" for nothing! All though silly & funny, he does love the impact its had on others & hopes to impact many more inside & outside the industry.

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